Philips – Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2013, Year of the Snake; it was supposed to involve stepping off a plane in Haikou, capital city of tropical Hainan Island, and preparing for a week of cycle touring. I had mixed feelings then when I stumbled upon an assignment from international marketing & branding agency Iris Nation to shoot a series of Chinese New Year-related images for electronics giant Philips, as part of their “See What Light Can Do” social media campaign to promote their new LED lighting range.

Yes, I was technically supposed to be on a well-earned holiday, yet on the other hand both Iris and Philips are good names to have on your resume. I didn’t want to turn this assignment down. Fortunately Iris were not wanting images from Beijing specifically, Haikou was fine, so I flew down south as planned with my DSLR and my fast low-light prime lenses and spent the evening shooting New Year festivities on the streets, which come to think of it is pretty much how I’ve spent most New Years in China, whether on paid assignment or not.

Full gallery on my website here—chinese-new-year/

and also the gallery on Philips LED’s Facebook page,  for anyone interested (the photos are the same…)




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