Us/Them: Exhibition at Pingyao Photo Festival

In the words of the curators…

“Us/Them presents the China photographs of 21 Chinese and 21 foreign photographers. All come from the Internet: Weibo, Facebook, Flickr, and from a sampling of professional photography websites. We were familiar with some, others were completely new to us. Some are professionals, others enthusiasts. Many participants and their photos were unearthed entirely by chance.

In creating this exhibition, we wanted to explore the differences between photographs of contemporary China shot by Chinese photographers and those taken by their international counterparts. Perhaps the end results do not actually shed any light on the original question. Perhaps, if you look only at the photographs, you cannot tell which were taken by Chinese people and which by foreigners. But we feel they share a common theme: they provide insight into contemporary Chinese society, an urbanizing, diverse, chaotic, lively China and its people.

But possibly, if you look closer, you might still be able to discern different understandings of contemporary China. These viewpoints leave us with a question: If we are looking, why do we have different ways of seeing ?”

Na Risong & Jonathan Kos-Read
August 22, 2013


This exhibition was curated by Na Risong, artistic director at the Inter Gallery@Beijing 798 Art Center and editor-in-chief of PIXEL, and Jonathan Kos-Read, known to many Chinese as “Cao Cao”, the foreign actor in Chinese film & TV, but also a keen photographer.

Pingyao International Photo Festival, one of China’s most well-known, takes place in September each year.  Unfortunately I couldn’t attend; the second time I’ve been exhibited at Pingyao festival (also in 2009) and the second time I couldn’t attend. Third time lucky ? Below are some images from the exhibition.

And finally the images of mine which were shown.

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