Guangzhou's African Community

China's economic expansion into Africa in recent years has been well-documented, but less well-known are the tens of thousands of Africans who make their living in China, many of them running the import-export companies which ship consumer goods back to Africa, helping create one of China's most important bilateral trade partnerships. China's "Africatown" is centred on the Xiaobei district of Guangzhou, China's third largest city by GDP. Shot in 2008, this documentary introduces the community, exploring some of the hopes and concerns facing Guangzhou's Africans at that time.

This photo-essay was published in one of China's most influentual newspapers, the Guangzhou-based Nanfang Daily 南方都城日, available online here...

Images have also been used in articles by South China Morning Post and Le Figaro, as well as exhibited at the 2009 Pingyao and Dali Photo Festivals.

For full captions and text, please read the e-book.